Museum Tinguely Basel, 2018
Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, 2019

A modified Fitness machine invites the visitor to use his muscles. This energy is transformed by the machine into various actions: Two deepfreezes are opening up and release the loud sounds of different animals, pigs, sheep, cows, chickens – meat that is normally stored in a deep freezer. White wings start to swing behind the back of the active visitor; an archaic creature is encountering the performer and a delicate vegetation with a stuffed animal on top is hanging in the air and starts to move gently.

Why do we invent so many machines to make our lives easier, to have less physical labor and then again we invent machines to make us move and sweat?

Fitness machines are usually in a sterile, aesthetically poor fitness studio and the energy pumped into these machines is not going anywhere – it is lost. The Installation “animals” plays with this energy and the protein consumption of the bodybuilder. We all want to be angels but are angels something else than animals?